Fire Department

Overland Park Fire Department Serving the City of MerriamIn 2014, the cities of Merriam and Overland Park began a unique collaborative agreement. The Overland Park Fire Department began providing Merriam an advanced-life support (ALS) paramedic and a medical quick-response vehicle. In return, Merriam has provided fire coverage for the northern-most parts of Overland Park.

Merriam’s twenty-one fire department employees became part of Overland Park Fire, but the City of Merriam retains ownership of the fire station and all fire equipment for use by the OP firefighters.

All of the trucks, equipment, and even uniforms will be marked in a manner that identifies both Merriam Fire and Overland Park Fire departments.

The unique partnership will save both cities money. Merriam officials estimate it may save half a million dollars over the course of the ten year contract. Overland Park fire officials estimate the arrangement will save their city $120,000 per year, in contract costs – all while maintaining the heightened service provisions of the ALS first response in both locations.

For more information about the Overland Park Fire Department and the services they provide, visit or call 913-888-6066.

Burn Permits:

New burn permits will only be processed Monday thru Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. This will allow the inspector to go out and approve the burn site.

If a person has been approved in the past and can be located in the database, they may be issued a permit after hours or over the weekend. Otherwise, they will need to wait until an inspector can go by during normal working hours and approve the burn site.

All burn permits within the City of Merriam are issued by the Overland Park Fire Department.

Information about all OPFD/Merriam fire permits, including open burn permits.

Please call 913-888-6066 or complete a burn permit application online.