Traffic Unit


The Merriam Police Department’s Traffic Unit is tasked with enforcing traffic laws within the city. Their efforts are concentrated in areas where there are a high number of accidents and traffic complaints. In addition, they participated in two DUI check points and several saturation patrols for DUI and seat belt enforcement.

One of the fundamental duties of any police department is to investigate motor vehicle accidents. The City of Merriam has 65 miles of roadway within its borders, including approximately 3 miles of interstate highway. According to data provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) the portion of Interstate 35, just north of 75th Street, is the busiest section of highway in the State of Kansas. KDOT estimates that over one hundred thousand cars drive through the city each day.

With the types of roadways that run through Merriam, coupled with the high number of businesses and general drive-through traffic, the problem of traffic control and accident investigation is a full-time challenge. A study conducted by the Kansas Department of Transportation indicated that the City of Merriam has the highest per capita accident rate of any city in the state. In 2002, the department began a more aggressive approach to traffic enforcement, which eventually led to the creation of our Traffic Enforcement Unit in 2005.

Speed Watch & Traffic Statistics