Voter Information

Johnson County Election Office

The Johnson County Election Office serves the residents of Merriam by administering the election process. For additional information on local elections and voter registration, visit the Johnson County Election Office website.

Voter Look-up and Sample Ballot

To review your voter record and/or view your sample ballot, visit and enter your name and date of birth. Information is updated nightly at the Johnson County Election Office. Sample ballots are posted 20 days prior to election day.


Although Merriam is one of the oldest communities in the area, it was unincorporated during most of its life with governance being administered at the county level. However, as the population increased, so too did the need for a local form of government. On October 28, 1950, the Merriam area citizens petitioned the governor to become an incorporated city of the third class with Carl R. Engel, Sr. serving as first mayor. On January 18, 1957, Merriam became a city of the second class.

Form of Government

Today, the city operates under a non-partisan mayor / council form of government with the addition of a city administrator. The mayor is elected on an at-large basis and serves a four-year term. The eight council members are elected by ward (two representing each of four wards) and serve four year terms of office. An election for council members is held every odd-numbered year with one representative from each of the four wards being chosen each election.

The city administrator is appointed by the mayor and City Council as the chief administrative officer of the city and is charged with the efficient and effective administration of the city.