Community Service Officer

The Community Service Officers (CSO) are non-sworn members of the Merriam Police Department. Their job is to assist the public with various police-related functions that do not necessarily need to be performed by law enforcement officers. You can reach CSO Jaime Brokaw or CSO Charlie Yocum by calling the Merriam Police Department at 913-322-5560.


The Merriam Police CSO's are assigned to many different tasks. They are a "jacks-of-all-trades." They must be able to cover school crossings, perform records management functions, civilian fingerprinting, and routine walk in reports. They are also responsible for bailiff duties in the Merriam Municipal Court. They can assist patrol with traffic control needs, motorist assistance, and other support functions.

The Community Service Officers' number one responsibility is animal control. This includes picking up strays, enforcing animal control ordinances, and helping control nuisance animals.