Capital Improvements/Engineering

Merriam's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consists of street improvements, drainage enhancements, park improvements, and facility improvements. With capital improvement funds, various projects throughout the city are prioritized, designed, and constructed. Examples of capital improvement projects include:

Street Improvements:

• Arterial Streets safety improvements
• Curb and gutter construction
• Storm sewer construction
• Residential street lighting
• Sidewalk construction
• Traffic signal installation and coordination
• Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation

Drainage Improvements:

• Bank stabilization
• Culverts
• Channel/Creek Improvements
• Flood mediation projects
• Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of old storm drain systems

Building Improvements:

• Community center repairs
• Public works building
• Safety facility/city hall
• Visitor's Bureau

Park Acquisition and Development:

• Aquatic center improvements
• Land acquisition
• Parkland amenities
• Streamway Park trail construction
• Waterfall Park development

For assistance in any of these areas, please contact the Capital Improvements Department at 913-322-5570.