House Watch Request

House Watch

A house watch is a community service provided by the Merriam Police Department. This service is provided in an effort to reduce the possibility of my home being unlawfully entered while I am away. I understand by providing this service, there is not an agreement, either implied or stated, that my property is the responsibility of the Merriam Police Department, or that this is an absolute guarantee that a burglary or crime will not occur.

I also understand my property will be checked as often as possible, depending on manpower and work assignments.


Recommendations by the Merriam Police Department
1. The following items of suitable size, should be placed in a safety deposit box:
a) Jewelery
b) Coin collections
c) Antiques
d) Personal Items with high sentimental value
e) Items with high silver or gold content

2. All extra cash should be deposited into the bank.

3. Have a neighbor agree to check your house periodically, checking for signs of entry, fire hazards, or water problems. If they see something suspicious they should call 911 immediately.

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