Vavra Park

Vavra Park is located at 6040 Slater. The City of Merriam was incorporated as a city in 1950 and within the first decade identified that recreation services were vital to the citizens.  The area today known as Vavra Park began in 1959 when the city acquired the first pieces of property when establishing the area known today as the municipal complex.  On Sept. 16, 1959, residents passed a general obligation bond for a Park Improvement Project.  This bond provided funding to acquire approximately 4 acres of land in the Eby Subdivision.  This acquisition led to the very first pool in Merriam the Merriam Aquatic Center which was completed Aug. 1, 1961. 

Today, Vavra Park is the site of the new Merriam community center. The new community center will include an indoor/outdoor pool, walking/jogging track, a full-sized gym, and a child watch area, among many other amenities. Take a look at the exterior vision of the new Merriam Community Center. The community center is expected to open in 2020. Learn more.