Comprehensive Recreation Facility Assessments

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City Completes Recreation Facility Studies

Merriam Aquatic Center

To better understand the aging conditions of the Merriam Aquatic Center, a facility evaluation was completed in April 2014 by Larkin Aquatics. Larkin Aquatics was the contractor for the 1985 rebuild and the 1999 renovation. The final report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the facility, makes recommendations for repair/upgrade, and includes an estimated cost analysis.

The aquatic center operates under the jurisdiction of Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Safety Act, International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, The American with Disabilities Act, International Building Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and National Sanitation Foundation. As a result, many recommendations listed in the implementation plan will set off a chain of additional upgrades in order to meet the current code requirements. For example: Improvements made to the bathhouse will trigger ADA improvements that will add additional costs. This is why the estimated costs listed in the report are broad ranges.

Merriam Aquatic Center Evaluation - FINAL
Merriam Aquatic Center Evaluation - DRAFT

Irene B. French Community Center

The Irene B. French Community Center (IBFCC) has suffered significant age-related repairs over the last five years. To better identify the long-term maintenance costs and future needed repairs, Susan Richards Johnson and Associates (SRJA) was retained to complete a comprehensive facility assessment.

Areas reviewed as part of this assessment included: exterior building conditions, structural conditions, exterior building envelope, interior conditions, ADA accessibility, asphalt paving, site drainage, curbs, walkways, fire protection, storm drains, catch basins, sanitary sewer, traffic circulation, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Susan Richards Johnson and Associates was able to inventory and identify immediate and long-term recommended systems improvements to the facility. In addition, SRJA provided treatment options that would enhance the experience of patrons and improve the working environment of the facility. Those recommendations are more intensive and require construction but would ultimately provide the community center with modern amenities.

IBFCC Treatment Recommendations - 12.5MB