The Beauty Among Us - January 7 - 30, 2021

June Fiola

June is living her dream after leaving the corporate world. She is painting every day to follow her bucket list wish to be an artist.  She has always painted off and on over the years with life, work getting in the way. Being able to practice every day brings her much joy in trying to create the beauty found among us. June shares her studio with her new pup, Rebel and his best friend from next door, Luna, who steal her paint rags. No telling what colors they will be wearing! June primarily uses a palette knife to paint. Her work has been accepted into national and regional art shows.

Gloria Gale

Once an artist, always an artist.  That notion has clearly become part of Gloria’s professional identity.

Showcasing Gloria’s work means looking at the world in a painterly, impressionistic style. Throughout her decades long career, she has honed her passion rendered in a collection of vibrantly colored art. Of special interest -  the National Parks. 

Traveling throughout the world to capture the essence from deserts to national monuments, the iconic symbols of the desert, mountains, rivers and flatland all take a bow in Gloria’s work. Now and again, the bouquet or single stem will make an appearance but it’s the sweep of Mother Nature’s finest that routinely shows up on her canvas. Gloria calls Kansas City home but her brushes and paints are always waiting for the next far-flung adventure.