Facilities Master Plan


Facilities Master Plan Process Underway

City Council approved the recommendation of the Steering Committee at the April 11, 2016 Council meeting entering into an agreement with Pros Consulting to begin the Facilities Master Plan process. The City sought proposals from experienced firms who would be able to conduct a comprehensive facilities master plan for the City-owned Irene B. French Community Center (IBFCC) and the Merriam Aquatic Center (MAC). The plan will create a road map for ensuring an appropriate balance of facilities and amenities throughout the community now and into the future. This system-wide approach will evaluate current recreational facilities and amenities in order to develop goals, policies, program pricing methodology and guidelines to develop achievable strategies. The Master Plan that will be created from this work effort will be heavily used as a resource for future development and/or redevelopment of the City’s existing facilities over the next five years.


Project Objectives:

1. Engage the Community
2. Utilize a wide variety of data sources and best practices
3. Determine unique Level of Service Standards
4. Shape financial and operational preparedness
5. Develop a dynamic and realistic strategic action plan

Target Project Dates:

May 17 & 18 Focus Group and Stakeholder Meetings
June Statistically Valid Survey Released
July General Survey Released
August 9 Public Forum -- IBFCC 5701 Merriam Drive 7 pm
August 10 Steering Committee Meeting - IBFCC 5701 Merriam Drive 7 PM
September 21 & 22 Project Team Work Sessions
December 12 Steering Committee Meeting - City Hall Training Room 5:30 PM
Presentation to City Council - City Hall 7PM
December 13 Public Presentation - IBFCC 5701 Merriam Drive 7 PM

Project Team

Leon Younger Pros Consulting leon.younger@prosconsulting.com
Jeff Bransford Pros Consulting Jeffrey.bransford@prosconsulting.com
Michael Svetz Pros Consulting Michael.svetz@prosconsulting.com
Chris Cline Confluence ccline@thinkconfluence.com
Terry Berkbuegler Confluence terryb@thinkconfluence.com
Kerry Newman SFS Architecture knewman@sfsarch.com
Chris Tatham ETC Institute ctatham@etcinstitute.com
Anna Slocum City of Merriam annas@merriam.org