Three Artists. A Journey of Discovery

Tim Murphy Art Gallery
Irene B. French Community Center
5701 Merriam Drive
Merriam, KS 66203
August 1 - 31

Featuring: Matthew Krawcheck, Jhulan Mukharji and Wendy Taylor

Matthew Krawcheck

Matthew Krawcheck holds an MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA in Painting from Kansas City Art Institute. His artwork combines drawing, painting and kinetic sculpture and revisits pre-digital presentation technology.  Matt’s hand-crank projectors use floodlights and magnifying lenses to enlarge his drawings onto walls, ceilings, and smoke screens. In an age where computers and screens are ever-present, Matt’s work defies digital supremacy. It resurrects conventional projection methods and explores ways of transforming drawing and painting into media of mass-communication.

Matt moved to Kansas in 2012 when he was awarded an Artist in Residence position with the University of Kansas. He has taught art at the University of Kansas, the University of Missouri Kansas City, Indian River State College, the Art Institutes International, Kansas City Art Institute, Johnson County Community College, and Kansas City Kansas Community College. Matt lives in Overland Park with his wife Sarah and their three-year old daughter Bernice.

 Jhulan Mukharji

Jhulan Mukharji is a self-taught artist, and works mainly in pastels and oils. His work is figurative. He is stimulated by a wide variety of subject matter, and likes to express himself with colour. Art is a sensual experience and he delights in exploring its boundaries of light, shape, colour, form, balance, and contrast. Although his work is representational, he does not feel constrained by any sense of photographic accuracy. Over the passage of years, this freedom has found expression in a blending of the figurative with an impressionistic strain. Jhulan acknowledges that he has little knowledge of what lies ahead, but the journey remains a source of great excitement.

He grew up in India, enjoys travelling, reading, playing a mediocre game of tennis, and has taught and practiced Cardiology in the US for more than three decades. Jhulan and his wife Jyoti raised their three sons in Kansas City and have lived here since 1987. Their sons are now grown and they look forward to their visits back home in Prairie  Village with much anticipation and joy.

Julian's mother was an accomplished Batik and fabric artist, and painting was an integral part of the formative years in India. Later, he had the privilege of working with Ann Lyne in Richmond during the years that he spent teaching at the Medical College of Virginia. Anne Layna's instructional heritage goes back to Hans Hoffman and Henri Matisse. Beverly Nichols introduced Jhulan to the medium of pastels at the Kansas City Art Institute, and over the years, he has had the good fortune of painting with many talented artists in the Kansas City art community. Jhulan is a member of the Kansas City Artist's Coalition, Inter Urban Art House in Overland Park and the Mid America Pastel Society.

Wendy Taylor

After teaching art in Shawnee Mission School District for years, I was excited to get busy on my own art! Motivation from excellent teachers and artist friends at Buena Vista Studio have made this effort to create art intriguing and inspiring.

I love the process of pulling a painting together. Trying to show the lights and darks, looking for the warm and cool colors, or showing depth and texture. This is part of making a moment in time settle down on the canvas.

As you look at these paintings with these scenes of places and things that bring joy to me, I hope we can connect with one another.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way things I had no words for” – Georgia O’Keeffe