Sidewalk Infill Program

In 2015, the Merriam City Council committed to constructing sidewalks in areas where they currently don't exist. The Sidewalk Infill Program was created to complete the City’s sidewalk system throughout the community. The Council’s goal for this program is to provide safe pedestrian travel in and around our community and improve walkability to our neighborhood parks, local schools, shops, and restaurants.

Dozens of Merriam residents now have a safer walking route to their favorite locations in their neighborhood. In 2017, Phase 1 filled in 
sidewalks along 69th St. and Antioch Road, just northeast of Quail Creek Park. Phase 2 was finished in 2018 and included the Owen Heights area, Farley Lane, 51st Place to 53rd St., and 52nd St./Farley Court. Phase 3 was completed in 2019 and included Burnham St. and portions of W. 66th Terrace, W. 56th Terrace, W. 56th St., and Switzer Road. Phase 4 includes portions of W. 56th Terrace and Perry Ave., and is scheduled to begin in fall 2020.  

Improvements Include:

  • Placement of new sidewalks
  • Driveway approach replacements (where needed)
  • Curb repairs (where needed)
  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk ramps

For more information or questions, contact Todd Veeman at 913-322-5570 or email

Red lines show where sidewalks will be placed. Green lines indicate completed sidewalks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays for the construction of new sidewalks?
A: The City will pay for the sidewalk with funds budgeted for the annual Capital Improvement Program.

Q: Who is responsible for future repairs?
A: The City will maintain the sidewalks.

Q: Which side of the street will the City install sidewalks?
A: In most cases, sidewalks will be installed on the side of the street that is least disruptive to the most properties, and best connects to existing sidewalks.

Q: How wide will the sidewalk be?
A: Sidewalks will be four-feet wide unless it must be narrowed to avoid obstacles.

Q: Will the City install sidewalk right next to the street?
A: No, we anticipate constructing sidewalks in the right-of-way (ROW) and off-set two-feet from the back of the existing curb.

Q: What if a tree is in the area of the proposed sidewalk?
A: The City will make every effort to save the tree and place the sidewalk around the tree.

Q: What happens if the sidewalk is placed around a tree, and will fall outside the ROW?
A: The City will work to acquire an easement from the property owner for the portion of sidewalk outside the ROW.

Q: What will happen to any bushes and other plantings in the path of the sidewalk?
A: The City will make every effort not to disrupt existing conditions. If removal is necessary and a property owner wishes to keep these items, the property owner will be responsible for their relocation. Otherwise they will be removed during construction.

Q: Where is the ROW on my street?
A: Every street varies; the ROW will be surveyed for identification during the design process.

Q: How will the placement of sidewalk on my property affect my driveway?
A: The driveway approach will be removed and newly replaced to accommodate the sidewalk.

Q: What happens if I have an asphalt driveway?
A: The driveway approach will be replaced to the ROW with either concrete or asphalt – your choice.