Public Art

The Merriam Public Art Committee is an ad-hoc sub-committee of the City Council that provides recommendations on the commissioning and acquisition of public art as part of the Five-Year Public Art Program included in the Capital Improvement Program.

View Public Art in Merriam

  • Art Project #1: Still Time
  • Art Project #2: Planning the Seeds
  • Art Project #3: Hmmmm (to be installed in Spring 2019)
  • Art Project #4: TBD
  • Art Project #5: TBD

Current Public Art Committee Members
Phil Lammers, Chair
Christine Evans Hands, City Council Liaison
Al Frisby, City Council Liaison
Gerry Becker
Stoney Bogan
Staci Chivetta
Jan Schoonover
Kathy Stull

Public Art Committee Meetings
October 23, 2018   Agenda // Minutes 

January 30, 2019   Agenda // Minutes

February 16, 2019   Agenda

February 18, 2019   Agenda

March 7, 2019   Agenda

March 28, 2019   Agenda

May 4, 2019   Agenda