Aquatics Programs

Merriam Community Center Indoor Pool to Open March 1

New guidance recently issued by Johnson County health officials means we can reopen the indoor pool! Call the MCC at 913-322-5550 to reserve your spot for lap lanes and water walking. 

Adult water classes will begin in March. Swimming lessons will start in April. Come back soon to see a complete schedule!

Aquatics Punch Pass Programs
Aqua Toddler Swim Time  - Free for members!
Monday and Wednesday - 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Ages 0-4 with adult present
$50 for 10 punches
$90 for 20 punches
1 punch visit = 1 parent and 1 child
Passes may be purchased at the Welcome Desk.
Open swim time for parents with children four years old and younger. This is their time to explore the aquatics facility without fear of big kids splashing or other programs in their way. This isn't a swim lesson and won't be instructor led. Parents must be in the water with their children. 

Infant Aquatics Programs

Infant Survival Swim - Non-Walkers

Mon.-Thurs. - $600 - April-May
This 6-week program teaches infants 6-12 months to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs to relax and breath. Lessons are one-on-one, four days a week, and 15 minutes long. 

Infant Survival Swim - Walkers

Mon.-Thurs. - $800 - April-May
This 8-week program teaches toddlers the swim-float-swim sequence. Children will learn to swim a short distance with their face fully submerged, roll onto their back, float and rest whenever they need to breathe, and to flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim to safety child fully clothed. Lessons are one-on-one, four days a week, and 15 minutes long.